“Where there is Peace there is Culture, where there is Culture the is Peace” Nicholas Roerich


The name Pax Gaia comes from the word Pax that means Peace in Latin and is inspired on the international Banner of Peace treaty promoted by Russian visionary artist and painter Nicholas Roerich. The name Gaia comes from name of the Greek goddess of the earth. The British scientist James Lovelock used this term to name his theory of Earth of the biosphere as a living self-regulating organism also know as the Gaia Theory.

The Pax Gaia Project seeks to document  and promote our different collaborative projects, activism work, courses, gatherings, forums, journeys, media (video/photography) and cacao ceremonies. We love Cacao.

Working in alliance with higher forces and ancient masters we seek to bring the highest possible dream into existence. The universe is a never ending adventure for us to co-create.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Please join us. 

Contact us or send send your stories, links, photos, videos to share in this blog to:

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