About Me

Hello, I’m Ivan Sawyer García, I am a cultural entrepreneur, media producer and indigenous rights activist. Among other things he has been involved in different of cultural exchange, sustainability and preservation of indigenous knowledge in different parts of North and South America for more than a decade. He has collaborated with different organizations such as Unify.org, NuMundo.org, Guardians of the Forest and with events such as the First World Forum on the Rights of Nature, Global Eclipse Festival, among others.

I am founder and director of Voces de Amerikua, a collaborative media laboratory that supports and promotes the voices of indigenous peoples of North, Central and South America and their efforts to protect their Culture, Land and Rights, using impact campaigns, social media and documentaries. Voces de Amerikua works with musicians, creators and with the communities themselves to share the reality of the environmental and human rights problems that the different communities face in this region of the planet today.