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It’s been a great honor to participate in the emergence of the Defend the Sacred Alliance, a global coalition of leaders of Indigenous communities, social movements and systemic alternatives since 2017. Rooting our actions in mutual support, community and spirituality, we\’ve learned from each other in developing a more \»sacred\» activism as pathway for making the urgently needed system change possible.

Documenting the group come together and portraying the incredible work of the people and initiatives involved, a precious book came into being: \»Defend the Sacred: If Life Wins There Will Be No Losers.\»

Available in English, German and Portuguese, it covers issues of fossil-free living, cooperation with nature, community, the female revolution, the transformation of our economy and vision. The book contains contributions from ~30 leaders, among them Ladonna Brave Bull Allard (founder of Sacred Stone Camp, Standing Rock), Tiokasin Ghosthorse (founder & host of First Voices Indigenous Radio), Sami Awad (director of Holy Land Trust, Palestine), Charles Eisenstein (author of Sacred Economics & Climate: A New Story), Alnoor Ladha (exec director of The Rules), Rabbi Michael Lerner (founding editor of Tikkun), Sabine Lichtenfels (Tamera\’s co-founder), Pat McCabe (Diné healer & peacemaker), John Quigley (environmental artivist), Rajendra Singh (\»waterman of India\») and others.

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