Comcaac New Year. July 2021

After many years of receiving the invitation, I finally accepted the call to participate in the New Year’s party of Comcaac, an indigenous nation that lies between the desert and the sea in the state of Sonora. A true honor and privilege to be able to share this festivity with this unique town full of mysteries and stories hidden in the sand. A town scourged by history and by nature but that today rises up with all its beauty and with all its material and spiritual strength. Widely known today for the use of the toad or Buffo Alvarius, when in reality their true treasure is their language, their traditions, their songs and sacred dances and ancient knowledge that according to their ancestors brought them from the stars. Axatipi! / More about this unique celebration:…/celebran-ano-nuevo-de-la-…/

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Amazonia Viva

En el proyecto Amazonía viva busco compartir mediante estos retratos, la profunda riqueza cultural de los pueblos Huni Kuin y Yawanawa de Acre, Brasil. En

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Particpation in SaveArtSpace

Excited to have been selected to participate in this project alongside amazing artists. The @SaveArtSpace: “Ancient Future by SISU” selected artists are Afrocentric Keyy –

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